Wire retrainers from rail joiners

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    Feb 26, 2007
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    I had the oprotunity last night to rig some wire retainers for my digitrax board decoder that was suposed to be a drop in replacement in my athearn engine. The athern engine had a DCC ready board that was "solder-less" the lights, power in/out wires were held in place on the board using little plastic clips. Well, as it turns out the Digtrax board wouldnt accept the athearn clips (though it was suposed to be a "drop in replacment" the digitrax tabs wer a bit larger than the atheran,) anyway.. i had to see the engine go, so I "fabricated" clips from code 100 rail joiners.

    Cut each joiner in half, which crimps one end closed, then flare the open end a bit to make the rail joiner slide on to the little tab a bit easier, and thats it. Worked ok, though I would recomend either soldering or getting official clips....