Winter/January 2007 Gauge E-mag

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    Well it's time again - - We'll give you all a week...... OK - 2 weeks!!!!

    We are asking anyone and everyone to get out your typewriters, wordpads, PDA's, and other writing implements... What?? You don't own a typewriter :eek: Don't know your "Carriage Return" from an Enter key????? jawdrop

    We will edit your text for you (no extra charge) all we ask is you submit it by e-mail in any way, shape or form BEFORE DECEMBER 17TH!!!

    Now, I know some of you are still wondering what I'm talking about... Go here and look: Gauge e-mag links

    Then... think about some railroad modeling experience you have had.. A structure you enjoyed building?? A train trip you hated to leave from??? An experience that you had that "is funny now"??? Anything you would want to contribute... And we do NOT care how long or short it is!!! Pictures are always appreciated, but NOT necessary!!! We do not take points off for spelling...

    Also, if you see any subject on The Gauge, that you think should be in the E-mag, please send us the link to the thread, so we can decide on whether to "Highlight" it in this issue......


    Click on our names to PM us and we will send you our e-mails.....
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    Woo-Hooballoon6 Now if I only knew where I put all my stuff. Hmmmm I can't seem to remember where it is all at that I was going to give to you guys for the magazine. Better start looking now so I can type it up. LOL.