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    Okay, I like to mod my rc's. Over the years I have found that modding the windows can be fun, change the whole look of your set-up, ect. So I give you the following:

    What should I use if I want to put in windows, other than the ones that came with my kit?

    Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Plexiglas, Lexan; they are all interchangeable terms in most peoples vocabulary. Getting the terminology correct could save your project from becoming a disaster.

    Of all four materials listed above there are really only two plastics involved, polycarbonate and acrylic. Lexan is General Electric's trade name for Polycarbonate and acrylics trade name is Plexiglas.

    Acrylic = Plexiglas
    Polycarbonate = Lexan

    Why does all this matter? In two words I would answer "Impact Resistance." If you’re planning any sort of project involving one of these two transparent materials you will want to know the one major drawback acrylic has to offer. Impact resistance is the key. If you want your project to hold up for any length of time under normal use, polycarbonate is the material of choice. Acrylic has a very low impact resistance and is prone to stress fracturing. Polycarbonate on the other hand has impact resistance 30x that of acrylic. Polycarbonate is also a harder material than acrylic making it less prone to scratching.


    Acrylic / Plexiglas Extruded
    Impact Strength 0.4 ft lbs / in
    Hardness Rockwell M: 93

    Polycarbonate / Lexan
    Impact Strength 12 ft lbs / in
    Hardness Rockwell R: 118

    These numbers are for the most common types of each material. Higher grades of each material are available but can cost quite a bit more. I have found that you really don't need a higher grade, but I guess some people like to go that way.

    Even with high grade acrylic and polycarbonate the trend continues. Polycarbonate beats out acrylic in all the areas that make a difference for our uses.

    What can acrylic be used for? Window mods on RC cars and yes even your computer.

    I think acrylic is a very bad choice, however some of you may chose to go with acrylic. Just remember micro fracturing can occur around high stress areas. Polycarbonate is more expensive than acrylic but the costs far outweigh the disadvantages of acrylic.

    Here is a price comparison of what I paid for each material.

    Home Depot 24x48 sheet of .25” thick acrylic $30

    McMastercarr 24x48 sheet of .25” thick polycarbonate $45
    UPS ground for 2 sheets was only $11.75!

    Where can you purchase these materials?
    Home depot usually stocks acrylic but polycarbonate can be scarce
    McMastercarr is an excellent choice for either. They even stock bullet resistant polycarbonate sheets, not that anyone here would need it.

    ALSO: McMastercarr carries a lot of other stuff you may find of use for getting your rc on the road.

    I hope this is of some use in your future projects :D

    (More to come later.....)
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    hey dude wah do u mean about all this window modding is it say u wonna cut the body and stick it on agian is that wah it is??
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    *PPPSSSSSSSS* its a chick...

    Anyway, i think what shes doing this for is so you can better cusomize your windows. Such as if you arnt a pro racer or anything, you can have window swaps. If your running electric drift on the same body you run nitro, instead of having two bodys you ca swap windows. It would be farly easy depeinding on the thickness you get.

    Other then that... im not sure. Im sure you can also use it for ground fx, or clearer clear grafix...

    Oh, i bet i know what brought this up however... She did a new computer case... :lol: Speaking of which, i need a job so i can just buy a new one...
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    I did a post on window modding because, I like to spice things up in the RC world. I like to try out new things that I think will improve the look of my models, I found that window modding can add a new look to your rc model without much difficultly. Plus, you change out your windows whenever you feel like it and give your car a whole new look till your ready to change it again. I also, found that window mods that you can make your windows so they look like they are half way rolled down or whatnot.

    If I just confused you more, please PM and I will try to explain it a bit more.

    :D SpArKeY, your good.

    Yep, I did a case mod on one of my computers and got the idea "Hey if I can do this on a computer, I wonder if I can do this on an RC car to improve the look of my windows."
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    Oh i see....... Which one can bend? Arcylic will crack if try to bend right?