Williams Has been SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Dec 23, 2006
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    The great O gauge mfg Williams has offically sold to Bachmann Industries.

    From the big guy at OGR.

    A dealer supplied us with the following excerpts from the letter Williams sent
    to its dealers. We posted it after we authenticated it with another source on a word for word basis. The letter is dated September 19, 2007.

    Dear Williams Dealer:

    "I have some important news. After 35 years, I have decided to retire from the model train business. Recently, I was approached by Bachmann Industries, and after careful consideration have decided to sell the company to them. The settlement date has not been finalized, but we expect it to be on or about September 30, 2007. Bachmann Industries has been in business since 1833 and has an impressive line of trains and accessories. Their Plasticville structures will perfectly compliment the Golden Memories Line.

    All of your contact information has been given to Bachmann and company representatives will be contacting each dealer to give you more details and answer questions. They value your business as much as we do and will try to make this transition as smooth as possible. Additionally, Larry Harrington, my General Manager, will be joining Bachmann and will continue working on the O gauge line..."

    NOTE: This is not the complete text of the letter. The rest contains wholesale contact information for the dealers.

    Jerry Williams
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    Jun 25, 2006
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    i just got my engine from williams today, got a powered one for the price of a dummy. saved me 106.00 on it. for 1 week williams was selling there remaining stock for 30% off. i got one of 3 rock island gp38's they had left. today was the last day to order, now everything belongs to bachmenn.