which manufacturer for Streamlined passenger car ?

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    Jan 6, 2005
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    I am new in model railroading. I would like buy a Streamlined passenger car for my GS-4 Daylight (backmann) (i think its the right car with this loco).

    I have only find Athrean,Concor and IHC.

    I whould like to know the best product between those ?

    I have allready a Athrean Streamline passenger car (PRR) and i dont like the quality. I have a Spectrum Heavyweight passenger car Southern Pacific and the quality are better than my Streamline passenger car.
    If you know a better manufacturer for my research tell me where can i found it ?

    I am french and all the french seller can't have any Athrean,Concor or IHC, i can't see the product before i buy it.

    Sorry for my bad english.[​IMG]

    EDIT: Sorry for double post[​IMG]
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    IHC is also Rivarossi. Their cars are some of the best. Walther's also makes really nice passenger cars, but I'm not sure if they make the right prototype or if they come decorrated for S.P. Daylight. Some of the less well detailed passenger cars can also be upgraded with interior detailing and added details like grab irons like you would do to detail a freight car.