which manufacturer for Streamlined passenger car ?

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    Jan 6, 2005
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    I am new in model railroading. I would like buy a Streamlined passenger car for my GS-4 Daylight (backmann) (i think its the right car with this loco).

    I have only find Athrean,Concor and IHC.

    I whould like to know the best product between those ?

    I have allready a Athrean Streamline passenger car (PRR) and i dont like the quality. I have a Spectrum Heavyweight passenger car Southern Pacific and the quality are better than my Streamline passenger car.
    If you know a better manufacturer for my research tell me where can i found it ?

    I am french and all the french seller can't have any Athrean,Concor or IHC, i can't see the product before i buy it.

    Sorry for my bad english.[​IMG]
    EDIT: Sorry for double post[​IMG]