which decal paper to use ?.

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    Aug 1, 2002
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    I would like to try and print my own decals, so today I tried to print but without any great success. I have an Epson C86 ink jet printer, and I have tried on 2 different kinds of decal paper (the only 2 kinds the local hobby shop have).

    First I tried on Microscales clear laser printer film. On the package they suggest to over spay with dull cote and then it should be ok to print with ink jet, but.... it's not exactly what I hoped.

    Then I tried on BareMetals paper, which according to the instructions should be good for both ink jet and laser, but in this case the ink ran and smeared out a little bit, and the ink didn't fully cover (or it looks like it did, but then formed kind of bubbles, kind of hard to explain).

    So now my question is if anyone has any experience printing decal on an ink jet printer, and what paper to use.

    If I get it to work, I'm planning on using the decal on the lumber yard. Has anyone tried to apply a decal to wood, is it possible, or am I wasting my time trying it?