Where to find deep dish rims

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by driftaholic, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. SpArKeY_STi

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    Id have to say he wanted them for a RCC car, not a real car tho.
  2. Lil_angel

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    Oops, I posted the wrong one.

    Here you go: Click Here
  3. driftar

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    has any one found deep dish wheels that i can buy
  4. VDubbin

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    Re: rims

    there are some here But I'm not helping with your homework any more...
  5. driftar

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    well you didn't help me with my homework cause im lookin for a site where i can get kwada deep dish wheels thank you very much
  6. iGuy

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    didnt ebay had some ???
  7. rcdrifter

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    I have a contact that can get ahold of some out of japan, some off brand r/c car manufacturer I will see if I can get some more info...
  8. SpArKeY_STi

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    I have a project with some deep dish rims. i plan on making my own for production, and sale here in the US. My main problem tho, is im not sure what a popular design is. If you guys could find a set of real deep dish rims, a pick of them that you like, and send it to me, that would be great so i could start work on them.
  9. iGuy

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    huh !!!!
    How crazy can you go with your design ?
  10. SpArKeY_STi

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    As crazy as realistic goes. I cant have a rim with one spoke... something like some BBS Desgins, but i cant find any Deep Dishs.
  11. iGuy

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    I need the actual RC rim for it ? Or just a Pic of a real rim,.... Or you need the Blue Print of a rim in CAT format thingy ?
  12. rcdrifter

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    Sparkey can do CAD drawings and designs so a real pic can get him going on designing a template to do a CAD drawing for cutting.
  13. iGuy

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    what about offset. How much back can the inner piece go ?

    how much and what material? i mtie wanna get some
  14. iGuy

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    Little spokes with medium lip

    Basic Comon seen drift tires

    Little spokes again

    The details gonna be a bitch !!!

    Tell are these of somesort possible or you lookignf or adifferent kind ?

    And then we have deeeep dish hahaha
  15. SpArKeY_STi

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    Thats exactly what im looking for. Detail is easy, but takes time. Id show you what im woking on here at school, but the lab im in doesnt have the program. So ill have a rim done tonight, and ill post a screeny of it up.

    The reason i needed a pic of a rim was because im not good with phsics. Im not sure area's of rims as to whats strong and what not. And it also adds a huge bit of realism, seeing as how you can make the bodies look the same, but rims are another story.

    Ill get a prototype drawn up, then have it attached to a arm and such that way you can see how it fits and such. Basicly ill have a arm from a TC3 Drawn up and have the rim attach to it.
  16. SpArKeY_STi

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    I can make it go as far as i feel like. Material will most likely be some plastic (Such as other RC Rims) Or i have the idea to thicken up the outer part and make it a PVC drift rim and tire all in one. Price will depend on material, machining, and labor costs.
  17. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    Heres a little sample of some stuff im working on. Its not perfect yet, its a proto, and i dont have a digital caliper, or a calip at all for that matter!


    As you can see, detail isnt really a problem for me, provided i have the correct measurments.
  18. iGuy

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    U be able to make totally diff rims ofset and size, if i am thinking about it. Since those are drifting rims u slide pvc over and u dont really have to worry about the inner lip for the rubber tires huh ?

    I like how u able to make a lip,... but i dun dig the spokes,... too truck like for my taste. But hey they would look great on a truck (drift truck) dat is
  19. SpArKeY_STi

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    The totaly different rims thing is a no. If everyone got a say for what type of rim they wanted, and we made them individuaily, it would cost around $100 for a set of 2. However, i am open to suggestions for lip size, fillet size ect. As for the lips, i just dont have a rubber tyre rim on me. I only have off-road and foams. Also, i dont have a caliper so i cant get exact measurments.

    Im sure you dont like the spokes, im not a fan of them eather. I was just running a trial to see what i could do.
  20. iGuy

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    i want the rim like the one from Diesel in fast n furious 1 on the red rex-7 i thin it was ?

    or the one u see up there on the last pic all the way to the right.

    for drifitng u wouldnt need to have a side wall for the rubber tires to snap inn thats what i meant !

    like u can make it rouns and 2" get it ?