Where to buy paper models in Italy?

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    I have a friend with an upcoming trip to Italy visiting Venice, Rome and Florence. Does anyone have any knowledge of places to purchase Paper model books in those cities?
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    Other than online, I don't even know where to get them in the U.S.. My state in particular does not sell them anywhere. :(
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    I only know of ONE in the US and if you get something you will find out it was grabbed and reprinted in his backroom!

    Try Here... these are just for ROME

    Try Here and see they might have some ideas for you.

    Did a little snooping around and there is a huge modeling community in Italy but it tends to be Plastic Kit and Railroaders. Most if not all Card Modeling, when looking at finished models were downloaded for you guess where! Most of the card models in Europe tend to originate from Poland, where they have a long tradition of Card Modeling all the way back to the '40s and again with the weekly mag Maly Modeling.

    What I used to do as I had a friend in Germany that used to work with us and came to the states every year. Was to order them from GPM or where ever and have them sent to his address, shipping was almost nothing that way and he brought them when it was his tern of rotation.

    If you had a hotel booked and were going to be there for a while, you could order and have them sent to the Hotel, before you left for Italy. Pick them up when you get there.
    It's an idea!
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