What up grades do i need for TT01

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by whats drift, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. whats drift

    whats drift Guest

    hi guys :p

    I have just brought a Tamiya TT01 .i have all ready brought drift tyers and 23 turn moter , heat sink and alloy drive sharft what other things do i need to get ???

    thanks :D
  2. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    Nothing really. You can jazz it up by buying other allum parts. But i wouldnt. Drifters tend to get smashed and bashed more then the weekend warrior, so i would save the money for broken parts, new tx, spair tires, ect.
  3. whats drift

    whats drift Guest

    :) Thank you for your help
  4. fozz18

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    I just recieved my tt-01 today and I buit it in two hours put abs on it and I was drifting right away.
  5. VDubbin

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    If you haven't done so already, I would say get a full set of bearings for your TT01. they make a huge difference to the effieciency of yoru drivetrain, whcihc means drifting for longer!
  6. fozz18

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    accually I already ordered a heatsink, bearings, and shocks for my car.
  7. whats drift

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    :D thanx for all your help um what kind of shocks and spings should i look at ( hard or soft springs )

  8. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    Hard. Keeps the tires planted.