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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by 22b sti, Oct 6, 2005.

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    I have a hpi rs4 eletrci car. It drift fine onthe wet asphlat. But I bought some PVC tires, They just send the thing into a loop. I need to know what to do to make in a better drifter. Help me out guys. wan to drift badly. Also what tires. PVc of just a hard compund tire. I have a hopped motor also. Should I slow the car down some. What I lost help
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    Whoa... Leme dechiper what you wrote.

    Im guessing you have a RS4... Pro... 3? You have a... 12 Turn motor? 19?

    Anyway... with out having to much detail, i think your just used to rubber tyres. PVC is very slick and has little grip. And with a lower turn motor, its going to have even less grip. Whats going on is your entering your drift, getting it sideways, then giving throttle, thus elminating all of its grip, making it spin out. After entering a drift, dont mash the thorttle, just give it enough to keep the tyres spinning. And countersteer as needed. Try that and let us know how that works for you.