What STOCK car did you build a drifter with?

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by s13_drifter, Jul 5, 2005.

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    I want to see what car brands people drift with. For example: Yokomo, HPI, Team Associated, etc.
  2. s13_drifter

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    does it work good, and about how much did it cost to get it drift ready?
  3. ya it works awsome and i bought the car a battery and charger all for like $150 and a little bit of electrical tape
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    TC3, but my first real one was a Micro RS4
  5. To start everything off, I work for a company called cheapbatterypacks.com and we build battery packs for all kinds of RC airplanes, helicopters, cars, boats, and then some... We also sell loose cells and all the stuff to make a battery pack. We have this shrink tube that covers the battery packs so they dont short out when touhed by metal, or other conductive stuff. Well
    im new to the R/C car thing, I just raced my RC team associated 18MT AWD last weekend on dirt and that was fun but yesterday I got the idea of putting shrink tube on all the tires to see if it would drift around and it works great. Well I think it does, I've heard people say that you can use pcv pipe around the tires and also electrical tape, I personally have not tryed those yet but this shrink tube stuff that we have here at the shop works good on carpet street and the painted shop floor. It slides very nicely.... My car is an 1/18 scale car and the size shrink tube that I use is 122mm.... If you would like to try this out on your car please go to the website and look under shrink on the left side... Again the website is called cheapbatterypacks.com

    Thanks bmxer4eternity
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    bmxer4eternity send me a pm on your product and let me take a look into it and maybe we can help you out some if your product is good quality...
  7. well i am getting a tamiya tt-01 and i heard they drift pretty good out the box but knowing me i am going to tweak the suspension and stuff and i am only paying 75 dollars plus shipping for mine and it comes with a transmitter and battery pack