what makes one battery better than another?

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by nic, Dec 5, 2006.

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    i have just ordered a tt-01 and i need a battery. i was looking on towerhobbies and was overwhelmed at the selection of 6-cell batteries. so...

    A) what are some good brands of batteries?

    B) what kind of 6-cell should i be looking for for a tt-01?

    C) for anyone that has a tt-01, what kind of battery are you using and/or what battery would you use?

    thanks a lot

    P.S. i also need help with chargers... any advice at all would be greatly appreciated.

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    what kind of battery you need really depends on what kind of budget you have to work with. and what you plan on use the battery for. If you only have about 50 or 60 dollars to spend and your only drifting just buy a 6cell with at least 1500mah doesnt matter too much on brand at that level, these can cost as little as 8 bucks a pack so can buy like 4 of them and plenty of play time, youll get probably 5 to 7min drift time with stock motor and gearing, plus you can settle for any of the duratrax chargers I think they cost about 25 dollars. If want more than go with the NiMh 3000mah or higher 6cell the cheap nimh batteries can go for about 15 bucks, with the nimh packs you should use a charger designed to handle that style, MRC makes a great one for 45 dollars. The higher the MAH number the longer run time youll get. Also the higher the amp rating on the battery the more power youll get. 20amp are fine 30+ are great. And if you just have to have the fastest and longest running car and price has no bearing on your decision go with lipo batteries they weigh a lot less have extreme run time, More voltage and amperage, and a huge price tag, but then youll have to get a charger that costs almost as much as the battery and need something alot better than the stock speed controller and motor. Ive used all the batteries mentioned above the cheap stuff is great for starting out and I still break out my old duratrax 1500 packs once in a while, The lipo batteries are totally insane though almost 30mins. of run time sometimes more depending on motor and gearing. If you ever get the chance try driving a touring car with lipo batteries and a brushless motor, they are soooo fast.
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    wow, that takes care of all of my questions, and some future ones too. so, brushless motors are better to get for drifting? i guess i will have to learn how a motor works too. is it more powerful when it has a lower amount of turns? they certainly seem to get a little more expensive when the amount of turns goes down...

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    sorry for the long winded replies

    Alrighty then, Brushless motors are currently the hot setup for pretty much any rc whether it be stadium trucks, pan cars, touring, and etc. But the draw back is they are very expensive, your looking at least 170 dollars for the motor and speed controller. Ive seen some as high as 320 dollars, if you can part with that kind of money for just a motor setup go for it, But for drifting your tamiya or any other 1/10 scale tourer most motors above 12t do great, 19t brushed modified motors seem really suited to them. Your right with the lower the turn the faster the motor, by having fewer turns on a motor they can use thicker gauge wire and less wire altogether, so the resistance of the motor can decrease allowing the motor to use more current faster, low turn motors usually provide higher capable rpm limits, but they usually have less torque and use the battery quicker, with drifting youll want all the torque and battery time you can get. Now you can use 12 t or lower turn motors also in drifters but you might need to change the gearing on the car so you can use the higher rpm. Also you need to look at the number of winds on a motor (single, double, triple, quad) this is how many wires they use on the armature/rotor. It works the same as the turns, lower number of winds the higher the speed, high number of winds more torque.
    Batteries again! for your car youll need a stick pack. I recommend getting some nimh batts and a charger, and just try the stock tamiya 540 motor that came with your kit first, if you have trouble drifting make a set of pvc tires, they are several articles here on how to do this, or try wrapping some tape around the tires. Then if you still feel the need for speed and drifting you can spend till your sick. The brands are all pretty good right now, Its more a matter of preference, the hobby shop that you choose to buy from can help you some with what fits your car, I would first find out where the locals race touring cars in your area and ask the racers what they suggest most of these guys are very nice and more than willing to help, I had plenty of times that I had no clue what to get when I started racing.
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    well thanks for all of the help. i ordered my car from tower hobbies... so i guess that i will have to make the long trek to a hobby shop to see where they race, as you said. yeah, i have read a lot on the pvc/abs wheels and i am pretty sure that i will just go with the abs. (i try to figure most things out for myself before i go asking for help.) but yeah, again, thanks so much for the help, i appreciate it a lot.