What kind of cardboard backing

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    Hello im relatively new to this site at least to the card modeling as i joined awhile ago for the railroad portion. As ive read through the enitire website i became very interested in card modeling and read ever post that i could related to it; however, i didnt see anything about the question i have. I bought my first model and knew there would be regular paper parts for structure purposes and was woundering what kind of cardboard backer other modelers use to make it strong so there is integrity to the hull for a ship. Thanks for any help i may recieve.
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    Sep 18, 2007
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    Hi, vwshark07,

    You can use card of 1 mm to wall and floor and 0.50 mm for round parts wich have many folds. It´s just a sugestion, just the pratic will really help you, the more you bild and scratch, better you will be. Sorry for the English, I use Babylon Tradutor Portuguese-English. Hope I have been helpful.