What happened to 3dpaper--A theory

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    I know some of us still mourn the apparent demise of 3dpaper, the Korean supplier of paper models that were beautifully printed, pre-scored and perforated for easy part removal. I just got back from two weeks in Korea, and found numerous bookstores, stationery stores, and even a few hobby shops. No sign of 3dpaper, but there was a line of educational, child-oriented models, mostly of architectural and Korean historical subjects:


    The stock is very thick and inflexible, paper-faced foam or cardboard, and the design is very boxy, with lots of visible tabs. The choice of subjects and some of the artwork and printing are very similar to 3dpaper (Korean Turtle ship, subjects from the multi-player game Lineage), but no figures. The thick stock lends itself more easily to architecture. It appears to me the old company was acquired or transformed itself to reinvent itself as an "educational" supplier.

    The boxy designs were not appealing to me, so I didn't bring any home.