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    Apr 8, 2003
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    I didn't build it, I just painted and decaled it. It started life as an undecorated Life-Like SW900. I had to make the decals, because no one does commercially. I messed up a few sets trying to get them at least presentable.

    To be quite honest, I was intimidated by the task. Now that I have done one and learned from it, I'm not as scared to tackle another one. Which is a good thing. I have to paint three SW1200s and three GP28s for the AD&N. I also have to paint two SW9s for the A&LM, one of my interchange roads. The other two interchange roads are the Missouri Pacific and the Rock Island.

    Then the really intimidating part comes. I have to build, paint, and decal an SW1500, two "Paducah" GP10s and two CF7s to complete the roster for the AD&N.

    Jabil closed that plant about 18 months ago. If you ever get back this way, give a shout.
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    Jan 10, 2004
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    Made friends with a HP QE who joined Jabil when the bought the 'line' from HO.

    After Jabil closed he retired and lives the life of leisure. Visiting kids and grand kids. :)

    Nice area, Boise, I lived in Denver for awhile and really grew to liking the mountain States.

    I've watched my friend Marc Gast scratch build his 'G' scale and I think my creativity doen't quite go that far.

    I'm off to a an rr show while a shower is going on for my step-daughter - this sure is turning out to be an expensive Spring:D