What do you read?

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    Jan 19, 2005
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    In my collection I have
    The new collected works of Prose and Poetry of Iowa Blackie
    Done and Been Steel Rail Chronicles of American Hobos
    Tales of the Iron Road "My life as King of the Hobos" Steam Train Maury Graham
    The Way of the Hobos by A-NO1< who traveled 5000,000 miles on $7.61
    A History of Hobos Tramps and other Vagabonds by Steam Train Maury
    "Hobo" Eddy Joe Cotton
    Rolling Nowhere " A young mans Adventures riding the rails with Americas Hoboes.
    "Fishbones" National King of the Hobos
    One more train to Ride" The Underground World of Modern American Hobos"
    "Hoboes" Wandering in America 1870-1940
    If you hadnt guessed I have a fasitionation with the Hobos and only read the true life stories dont want no made up stuff . That and MRR every month Ebay is good Hobo books and other Reading matirial...
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    Jun 25, 2003
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    A frien of mine I worked with at Amtrak wrote a good collection of short stories he was involved in as a Conductor for Missouri Pacific and for Amtrak. I was his brakeman in one of them. Check it out here: A Conductor tells... "Unauthorized Train Stories" By; Ken Lothridge

    (I built his site, tell them Tom sent ya if you buy one :thumb:).