what beginning r/c should I get?

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by lawlz, Sep 26, 2006.

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    ok...I wanna get your guys opinion on this...short story...1 year=1 grand for me...that 1 grand is dedicated to r/cs...some people said to get the tt-01...some people the tao4 or tao5 I forgot...some people say the TC4...and some people say the tokomo drift kit...I dunno...opinions?...tips?...T___T...I am sooo confused now...T___T
  2. i run a TT-01 and its bombproof. simple drivetrain, fairly large aftermarket and there is no shortage of info about them either, but what it really comes down to is budget and personal opinion in the end.
  3. i just recently got a XB tamiya tt-01 with a nsx raybrig body. its is really good, esp wit drift tyres/abs. i would really recommend this to you and i got the RTR car, 2 1500 batteries and a charger for 200 bucks. after that u have 800 bucks to blow off on hop-ups. i recommend u first get a heat-sinker for ur motor and/or a 27turn motor. i recomment a monster or a trinity.