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    A series of 10 photos at the link below will show the now preserved WP in Z Scale layout that was published by Model Railroader Magazine in 1986. On Saturday April 5, 2008, a team of David Epling, Russ Johnson, Bruce Villieux, Tom Carter, Tim Carter and Alicia LaBreque began the process of outing the layout back together and cleaning it up. By 530pm, we had the layout together and cleaned, but no trains were running. We had run out of time due to most of having to be at the FRRS Board Meeting at 6pm.

    Sunday, the team was David Epling, Russ Johnson, Bob Sims and Ed Powell. The mission of the day was electronics, get the valance lighting all up and working and get the layout running. At 245pm, The first train made a complete transition with only 3 derailments, the problem was traced to a low uncoupling pin, easily remedied. The next run saw a complete transition of the mainline with no problems. The 10 pictures at the URL below are of that run. The train continued to run for the next 2 hours solid with no derailments. In that time the attention turned to testing the rest of the trackage. Everything works. The turntable turns, the whisker tracks are indexed and there are hidden uncoupling magnets at all the industrial tracks and sidings and yards.

    The only mar to the entire weekend was upon putting away the rolling stock, it was discovered that sometime Sunday, someone felt that they needed a Z Scale WP 60' flatcar more than the museum did

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