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    We decidied to run up to ride a train on Saturday.... Went to Rusk TX to take a ride on the Texas State Railroad. I did this a few years ago and had no problems... went up, paid and hopped behind an old steam engine and off we went... It was not quite the same this time.

    First off, I didn't get reservations... Last time, I didn't need them... This time I found out it would have been a really good idea. It was the last weekend of the Dogwood festival.... The place was packed! I didn't realize so many people would want to see the dogwoods in bloom. So it took awhile before I finally convinced them to sell me some tickets- I started to worry I wouldn't get on... but that finally worked out.

    Then I realized that we would not be sitting behind a steam engine... we were going to be pulled by an Alco RS2. Not the same effect. Then I figured out that out of the 500 or so people on board, probably only 100 of them were adults.... There were kids everywhere... screaming, running up and down the isles, being wild, just being kids.... not quite the relaxing trip I had counted on....

    I still had fun... I still got to see a Baldwin 2-8-0 pass us.... but it just didn't meet up with my expectations....

    Next time... I am going to call ahead and make sure of a few things... When is the slowest time... which end is the steam engine running out of... make reservations... etc...

    Next time I'll get my relaxing trip.

    Either way... I got to go play on a train and that will always make for a good day!

    One interesting thing... we almost got in a wreck.... We were headed towards a crossing blaring the horn.... a car decided that he had the right of way... we had to slam on the brakes- I actually thought we hit him at first. He drove away blaring his horn while we sat... What an idiot! People really need to pay more attention!

    Anyway- all in all it was still a good trip and I can't wait to go do it again!