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    Trolleybus Retrievers

    Thanks for the replies. I am not sure about those O-gage ones. Years back MTS offered a generic ACF Brill kit which was available (in HO) as a trolleybus or a motorbus version. I am sorry I did not buy one; but, it was metal parts you had to glue together and this was just a bit before 'super glues' became commonly available.

    At any rate they did list the 'retriever parts' for a few years in Walthers catalog. Not for years now. And, I've already turned a couple out of styrene sprues leftover from kits. Still, I wanted to see what was made that might look better then what I've done.

    I might fill in a little here on my efforts. The two streetcar routes were serviced by Bachmann PCC cars, several AHM LRV cars and the newest (at least as to purchases) were 3 Roco articulated streetcars (German, but based on the PCC car).

    In addition, for years, on several layouts I've run the Brawa HO trolleybuses. These are a bit unrealistic as the poles are mounted up front (to actually steer the bus) and the overhead is a bit oversized. But, they are ultra reliable, the overhead is tough as nails and a few other benefits such as a 4" turning radius. I did experiment with a unit running on slot track with poles mounted in the correct spot but still drawing power from the overhead. This experiment from around 1970 worked well; but, due to the slot track, it looked terrible. So I went back to the front steering poles. Then lately I noticed the Faller Car System which uses a battery for power, and a magnet on a slider piece attached to the front axle to steer the bus. I bought one of these expensive sets and after a bit of tweaking it ran well. But, you were always recharging the bus. So, I figure, put poles on it and draw power from the overhead -- no recharging needed. Swivel shoes would be nice at the end of the pole. Someone in Australia has made this sort of pole; but, I have yet to get a pair for experimenting.

    Experimentation has about ended for now as I am packing up the city, tearing apart the benchwork, etc. in preparation for an upcoming move.

    I am sure I will post more; and I hope to find some photos. You can go here to look at some of the bus fleet I have (powered and non-powered) and one streetcar:

    be sure and get the whole URL pasted in. Note also photos of the large downtown "traction terminal" I am building from scratch. It will have loading bays out front for both streetcars and trolleybuses. I've stalled out on it for awhile due to other projects.

    I will be, over a few weeks, reading all posts in this thread.

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    Thanks for that information Uintah Dave, and welcome to the gauge and our traction
    hang out:D

    Hello Harry (swampdaddy) and welcome to you also great project you have on the go. Man you sure have a lot of busses.

    Where did your interest in Transport come from Harry?