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    Jun 4, 2004
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    I think "War Weary" aircraft just look better than shinny out of the factory dudes.....
    I have been using the following technique (?) for many years and its nice when an onlooker asks " how did you make that plane look wheathered 8)

    1) Get yourself a box of "Colored Drawing Chalk" with about 12 color sticks. I paid for the last one US$ 2.45 :oops:

    2) Pic.1....You get pretty dirty touching those things, so take your tweezers and scrape with your knife with Black color. Make a little mound of dust.

    3) Pic 2... Take the basic color of the plane and scrape it on top of the black one and mix ( the color combination depends on what you want, I use red, orange and some brown for 'Rust" or for "liquid leaks" etc....)

    4) With a soft brush (Size depends on what you are trying to duplicate) cover the areas....How much depends on how "Weathered" you want your plane to look. Pictures are your best guides :shock:

    5) Pic 3... The arrow shows results.

    By the way this is great for covering "joints" also........but the model will look Weary and Weathered... :roll:

    DANGEROUS (but worth it)....I also make a "wash" of watercolor , very thin colour, and pass it on top of the whole plane...very little water!!!!!..since I hardly wet the paper it does not "bend" makes great wheathered stains....Let me finish this Macchi MC 200 and send it to two good years to the African Campaign and you'll see the "Wreak it became in the desser sand :wink:
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    Not bad! I like the idea! More pictures please.
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    Great Idea Geraldo!

    I'm working on another of DN's P-26 and was wanting to tone it down a little, so I will have to give this a try.

    Thanks for the tip!