Warhammer 40K MkI Land Raider

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    Hi, I'm looking to get back into my model-making (again) with an old-school Space Marine Land Raider. I started one with 250gsm card ages ago but never finished. I could get around to finishing it if I wanted, but I'm happy to use it as a benchmark, and make one that's as close to the original as in possible with paper/card and a few bitz.

    I'm looking to do make it for use in my army as either a Phobos (standard) or Proteus (new Forge World one), at least until I can bet my hands on a proper model.

    I have some templates to use, so that's not a problem. I guess the biggest problem would be the weapons, but that won't be too bad I think. Then again there's priniting...

    So my questions are these: what thicknesses are the the key bits (wheels, tracks etc - millimetres please) on the original kit, and what would be best for this kind of project: paper, card or plasticard? No immediate preference.

    Thanks in advance!
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    You can check out this Patoroch's model, eventually a Chaos/Adeptus Mechanicus version