Walk down memory lane, Cereal box cut outs

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    Howdy Guys,

    How many of you remember Quisp cereal, by Quaker cereals and the little spaceship he flew around in? Or corneilus (corn, not the rooster) from Sugar Coated Corn Flakes by Post cereals? he had a cut out spaceship also. Or a mighty mouse catapult launched cardboard cut out like shown below?
    Well I know these dont come across as what you would call "card models" by our current standards, but....back in the day, you pestered your mother to buy a certain cereal, not for how it tasted, but for what the prize inside was, or what the cut out on the back was. Fess up, you know you acted like that.
    Anyway, here is a neat little site, and with a photo program you can enlarge the drawings and make your own, or, might I suggest that they would make neat framed pictures of those "thrilling days of yesteryear".
    So stop by, look around, and think back to your childhood, who knows, maybe your small children might enjoy some of these.


    see photo below

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    Paprer Model

    Hey, Gw...

    Thanks for all the great 'internet finds' that you find,(seriously, thought, most of them have been found before!!!) like the truck(sort of like finding something that isn't lost!!)

    So, why not make a model of this stuff that you are imagining........and send it to all of us!!!!