vintage bus/truck

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    The idea of having these models being mounted around the world has always inspired me.
    On the other hand, many people would like to see old models that were part of a story, even if personal. There is always someone asking me to build any model to have in the collection. They are not modelers, but collectors.

    I spent many time with it, but the result is always a big smile and a huge satisfaction for them. They are very individual and I put some on a page "ACOMPANHE NOSSA BANCADA - track our bench" on my site. In fact I do several models at the same time, so it takes a while to complete.

    I thank the idea of creating a specific section, but I believe it is not necessary. This conversation would rather be moved to appropriate forum if you prefer.
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    You can do whatever you wish here. Including putting the link to your Blog back in your signature. ;);)