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    This perhaps applies to the model railroader mostly but I'm sure other card modelers out there will find this quite useful as well.

    Genetica 3.0

    This will let you produce your own textures. You can use them for 3D modeling or in the case of Model Railroading you can use it to make seamless textures for Buildings/Roads (any surface you would want to add a Papered texture to...

    There is a Viewer that comes free and texture packs you can download and use free. The viewer will let you export the texture + effect maps to a image file that you can then use for making what ever you want to make. You can change the texture in the viewer and export.. That's the key. Saving time in doing it in your favorite graphics software.

    I have to say I'm looking into the designing of textures as well. The Pro version is $400 but looks really quite cool. As I said though the Viewer and Textures are free for you to use for any application you like. You can't sell the 'Textures' though as they are owned by them. You can sell anything you make with them though. "Hard to sell something they are giving away anyway" <= Not that I ever would..

    I do a lot of 3D modeling so this will be really quite great for that. Perhaps more then the 'Real' modeling but I'm sure it will be quite handy for that too.
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    Very interesting, thanks for the tip, Ronson2k3!
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    I originally downloaded their free Wood Workshop a while back and have found it very useful.

    They have quite a few new free textures now that you can download just by right-clicking on them and saving. You really don't need the viewer.

    Thanks for the info!


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