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    The Adventure series is new location filming. After a few years of trailing it can be a little tricky to find the epic locations. But I will say its half the fun for sure. What was the best part of this trail was having a conservation officer approach us. We had been thinking for a long time how this encounter would play out as RC is unfortunately kinda frowned on out here. Which is completely crazy! And yes we have tried to change this with out Local MLA with no success to changing the rules for us local trail folk. Anyways we believe he followed our tire tracks and found us! Thankfully he was totally fine with us being there! So sweet deal! continue truckin! Awesome hey:)Thank you for watching! Until next time...

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    Neat Video. Those Vehicles look very nice. Expensive I would think, but don't know about the pricing much. that would make an interesting post from you, a breakdown of what to spend, what to avoid, etc. Think about it. :)