USS Kidd in Card?

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    Hey, Guys!
    I've been a modeler for over 30 years, but have just discovered cardmodeling. Currently working on a Halinski P-40.

    I have been interested in doing a USS Kidd Destroyer for some years now, and am considering trying it in card. I see that most ship models built from card are 1/200 scale, which is just under the 1/16" scale used for many ship models. I have a copy of The Floating Drydock's Fletcher Class Plan Book, which shows darn near every part needed for a Fletcher class model in 1/96 scale (1/8"). While I would prefer to build in 1/8" scale, I think 1/16" scale would be more appropriate for a card model.

    The hull, superstructure and gun turrets will present little problem for me, but I'm at a loss as to trying to design 20mm twin and 40mm Quad gun mounts in card. Does anyone have these items as a downloadable file or know where I can get a commercially available kit of them?

    Also, rather than try to digitize these plans, I'm thinking of using a copy machine to reduce them to the correct size templates, then cutting the parts from the appropriate card stock. This will leave me with unfinished parts, though. Is there any problem with cardstock models of sealing the finished part with a clear finish and then painting with an airbrush and acrylic paint?

    However, I know that as soon as I get started on this project, Digital Navy's Fletcher Class will be released!

    Thanks for your input! I have seen some great models though this forum, and have really been inspired to try some different models!


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    None whatsoever. Go for it.