USS Carl Sagan II SC-01

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    In 2029, project Orion is coming to a close, soon to be replaced by a new series of exploration vehicle. The first of these is the Langley class:
    USS Duct tape LC-05

    Shortly followed by the Northrop class:

    The Starclipper project, NASA classification Sagan Class, began in 2032 and culminated in the launch of the USS Carl Sagan XC-05 in 2036. However, that ship was destroyed in an attemp to prevent in from being stolen by mysterious hijackers in 2039 by the USS Ducktape. THe second ship to bear the name was the first production Starclipper to be purchased by NASA was launched in 2041. The Sagan is one of two NASA variants of the design to bear the white paint scheme, the other being the SC-02 USS Neil DeGrasse Tyson. The others were painted in a bit more drab gray on gray scheme.

    I'll add more to this later, but here is a teaser pic of the ship. It still needs some additional painting and its auxiliary craft mounted(shuttle, dropship, lifeboats, etc).

    It's almost ready to leave the Mountain Dew Orbital Construction Facility .
    Anyway a little bit about the ship itself:
    Main propulsion is provided by an Orion nuclear drive (the large box-like section is bomb storage); the orbital manuevering engines are deriverd from the Ares I upper stage. The main crew space consists of eight cylinders, designed to be launched two at a time by an Ares 6 or Sea Dragon rocket . The top two contain various science labs and various other equipment. The two on each side in the rear contain the main life support while the two in the front house counter rotating centrifuges that provide artificial gravity for the crew quarters . THe nose section houses all command and control personel. This section also has the ability to separate and land on its own via a paraglider.

    Notable variants include;
    US- Sagan Class
    SC-01 Carl Sagan
    SC-02 Neil Degrasse Tyson
    SC-03 America
    SC-04 Republic (destroyed 2045)
    SC-05 Duct Tape (Destroyed 2045, rebuilt 2047)

    ESA- Hawking Class
    HC-01 Stephen Hawking
    HC-02 Sir Patrick Moore
    HC-03 Sir Arthur C Clarke

    Russia- Leonov Class
    LC-01 Alexi Leonov

    All for now.
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