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    Dec 26, 2006
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    Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas season. With a few days off I was able to play a little and do some more research and collecting materials. For anyone working on any kind of layout design, I have a suggestion. In mid December I downloaded some software titled "TrainPlayer" and "TrackLayer". With it, I was able to import an image of my original layout I built over 12 years ago and for the last few weeks have been playing around with different possibilities. One of the neat things about the software is that you can run trains over the layout you design and get a feel for whether or not you're going to like it before going to all the work of building it, which for me has been a real plus. I've also been reading up on and collecting materials to practice weathering and landscaping whatever layout I come up with. Will get started on all that shortly and am excited about the possibilities. I've been making Hydrocal rocks that last few days and have some old rolling stock to practice weathering on. I just bought a GP38 BNSF engine that is DCC ready, which is good because I'd like to get into that down the road... er I mean track. Don't know why, but from all the engines I've looked at, I just like the way that one looks. I ordered 2, but apparantly got the last one Walthers had, so for all you experts out there... what engine design came just before and after the GP38, since to add to the realism I'll want to run two engines on my freight train. Will appreciate any suggestions.

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