Update to the Design Group Alpha DHC-2 Beaver model

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    The DeHavilland Beaver was the first model that I designed from scratch. I had done some small design work for Chip at Fiddlers Green and I was influenced by ChipĀ“s design standards. Consequently, the struts on the Beaver model are 2-dimensional and intended to be laminated for strength.

    Guido then designed the DGA model of the Gippsland GA-8 Airvan with 3-dimensional teardrop shaped struts and that opened my eyes. From that point I intended to update the Beaver model. I did not want to go into each of the 30 liveries that we have published to make the changes, so it was not until now that I figured out how to make these changes. I have designed a FREE supplement sheet that upgrades all of my model versions: Beaver Struts and Bulkhead.

    The model pictured above was built with the new struts and bulkhead.