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    Last month the plan was to report on your WP equipment sightings that still ply the rails. Those reports were collated and sent to the Trainsheet editor for publication. Now, to make this next months contributions more interesting as the Boxcars are still pretty much everywhere, (I spotted one with the full size WP on the right side of the door in the yard at Elko on Nov 19th too far in to get a number). So how about we make this interesting, Start looking for the rare cars. It is my understanding that there are only 3 of the WP 29' Gondolas still roaming the system.

    I have 3 WP shot glasses that we sell in the PRM gift shop, the first three people to spot one of the three cars (one spot per car), and can provide photographic proof of the location and number of the car, I will send you one of the WP Shot glasses. That is one glass per car to the first person that reports the car (with photo) for a total of three cars and three glasses.

    Thanks and Good luck

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