Unlimit3d bloodhound walker

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    On 4chan, there are a couple of people working on a small scale mecha game. The main person behind the project made the first model and asked if anyone would assemble it and see if it worked out.

    I did, and you can see the result here:
    (28mm miniatures are there for scale)

    I did goof up when assembling the cockpit and inserted the lower part the wrong way (which is why it goes so far down). The lower legs were probably the most difficult part of the model to assemble due to the way that they wrapped over and over. And the model cannot stay upright as the feet are too small.

    The creator of the design can be found at the following address.

    After seeing the model assembled, he realized that he hadn't properly scaled the legs. Thankfully, someone else reworked the design, simplifying it while giving it the proportions of the inspiration artwork.