Unitrack and reversing loops in DCC

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    Being the post-Christmas blitz, I've been developing possible track plans using Kato's Unitrack system. For a newbie like me, it's been great, because I can set up and take down possible track configurations and arrangements as easily as I change my socks. I can see what works, and what doesn't...

    As a post-Christmas gift, I received the WX310 Double Crossover track


    I have noted that one distinct possibility is that I could simulate a double-track mainline by using a Dogbone pattern... It also allows for a crossover that could effectively function as a reversing loop.

    My question is how this might be done with this particular track unit and DCC? I know that the scissors crossover unit is pretty much insulated across all the centre connections. Only the two outside rails remain unbroken as far as power is concerned.

    I know there is some sort of stationary decoder that handles this automatically... what is necessary for this?
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    O man from warm south Peel:
    Treat the section of the layout in the middle as being one big lump. Both parts of the crossover are wired the same direction, as if it were part of a yard. Include your yards and things in this.
    Then the loops at the end are isolated and become your reversing sections. You may be able to get away with one reversing module for both loops, or need one module for each, depending on how you operate.