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    Ladies and Gentleman, please, be careful when uploading models, that you have permission. I prefer that people upload models they designed, but if you have permission, try and get a note from the designer. A person who slapped a very basic box structure is demanding compensation. As we have been notified and removed the said model, that will be the fullest extent of any compensation given. This person can do what he wishes. He has cast his slings and arrows and is by all accounts close to being booted from the forum that houses him now. Enough said on the issue. Be careful what you upload. This model was uploaded when the old database was brought over, so it's existence was known only by person who made the boxes and called it a stand, and the member who accidentally uploaded it YEARS ago. The model was downloaded 4 times, and this could have been by the same person for all we know. A request was made that it be removed, it has been. That is the fullest extent of compensation anyone will be receiving. So, with that, I close this thread, and we let it go.


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