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    The February 2008 Archive Edition of the Unofficial Micro-Trains Release Report has been posted to the UMTRR Website.

    For those of you not familiar with the UMTRR, it is my monthly review and commentary on all Micro-Trains releases in N, Z and HOn3 Scales, now in its 12th year of "publication". The UMTRR is available in its full version via free (really!) e-mail subscription. Instructions on subscribing are on the website.

    An edited version is posted to the website up to 4 weeks after the e-mail version is sent. Read the February 2008 Archive Version here:

    The Unofficial Micro-Trains Release Report (c)1998-2008 George J. Irwin

    You will notice that this is now a direct link-- after a fair amount of some behind the scenes work, updating every (I hope) html page on the site, it is now possible to go directly to any given UMTRR page without getting redirected to the home page first. Any page selected is still framed in with the header/drop down menu as before, so you should (I hope) be able to access any of the other UMTRR content as usual.

    This change has been on the wish list (mine and others) for several years and with considerable help from new UMTRR Gang Member Kent Sullivan (for which many thanks!!!) it is now in place.

    All of the release tables and the "2008 Month By Month" page with links to images have been updated as well, to reflect February releases and discontinued items.

    Please let me know if you experience any difficulties navigating the site. Given the number of pages I had to touch (there are over seven years of back issues of UMTRRs out on the site) it would not surprise me if I missed something.