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    In consideration of the Policies and Behavior expected from our members in regards to the offerings by UHU02.

    UHU02 has graciously chosen this forum as a portal to his models. I believe we are extremely fortunate to have this kind of Access. UHU02, as of lately, has made his models available to everyone when they are first released. After a certain period, of his own choosing, he then puts them in a secure Library that has restricted access.

    If you want one of UHU02's models, you will have to discern from the UHU Appreciation thread how to get it.

    No member is to give any hints.
    No member is to even give out the website location.
    No member is to exchange UHU02's models with any other members, in any way shape or form.

    Members are not to ask for UHU's models or for the password(s) to his forum.

    If you, as a member, have exhausted all efforts, then you are to contact Zathros, or Rhaven Blaack, and at our discretion, we may or may not give you the password(s). You will have to be a member in extreme good standing, a regular poster. If you just joined the forum, forget about it!

    Only members in good standing need ask the Administrators of this forum.
    No member shall give hints, suggestions, or anything else in regards to these models.

    Remember, if you really want these models, check on his forum often, and when they come up for grabs, GRAB THEM!

    I have been called UHU's Gatekeeper. That's fine with me. Rhaven is UHU's other Gatekeeper. We take this seriously.

    Bottom line, if you are a member, and someone asks you, send them to Rhaven or me (zathros), and we will take care of it.

    We treat everybody fairly. That is fact. No person who is trustworthy has ever been denied. A rapport must be built up, however, and there are some here, if are unaware of the password(s), I would not hesitate to give them the information they need. Those of you who only ask, and ask for models, but do not participate in any other substantial manner, don't bother asking, till you become a participating member.

    So remember, no hints, no info. All inquiries are to be sent to the Administration, any requests made in threads will be deleted, and followed up with a warning, as will any help given.

    UHU has even hosted one of his models with us,as far as I know, we are the only forum that he has done so with.

    It is the piracy of his work that has caused these stern measures to be put in place.

    Use common sense. Divest yourself of any responsibility, and refer any inquiry to Rhaven and myself (zathros).

    Adhering to the aforementioned should answer any questions, and solve any future issues.

    Thank You.


    Rhaven Blaack
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