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    Hi all, being a long-time lurker here I thought it was time I contributed something. Forbidden Planet has been my all time favourite movie since childhood and I have several "other" models of him but Uhu's cardmodel seemed the most interesting way of all to go. Having tried a build some time ago, I found it difficult due to the small parts and compound curves so the obvious answer was to upscale it and try again.
    Being a Linux user and not a user of the dark Side, I found a simple program called pdfposter for Linux and using a simple command line I outputted the individual pages of Robby to be printed across 4 pages. This means some parts are split across two pages but it's no problem patching them together with a card strip and if the cuts are done accurately then they aren't even noticeable when joined.
    So here's a pic of my build so far....lots yet to do, including a coat of flat clear to hide transgressions in my building inconsistencies, and it will take some time but I'll post updates if anyone is interested. There are pitfalls to be wary of but those were due to my own haste mainly and not any fault of this marvelous cardmodel.

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    That looks like a nice start. I look forward to seeing it's completion. "Forbidden planet" was an excellent flick. I watched in this year and my son could not get over all of the "weird sound effects". I explained to him how a circuit board had to be made for each sound and it was actually ground breaking work. He did like the movie though, especially when "Robby" appeared, he's still grabbing the imaginations of kids every where. :)