U.S.S. Wildfire - NCC-2027

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    This is the U.S.S. Wildfire. She's what I'm calling a Vigilant-class Heavy Destroyer. The name comes from a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes that I always liked. The hull number is just something I thought looked cool and denotes a fairly later production model than Enterprise. Since she's similar in design to the Larson-class I classified her as a Destroyer. Vigilant-class just sounded cool.

    The Wildfire's twin engines make her faster than the Larson class. And she's using a next generation design warp coil that necessitates the longer engines. These engines would fall between the TOS era and the Phase 2 era. Data from how these elongated engines worked with this style primary hull would be used when constructing the NX-2000 Excelsior.

    The Wildfire is built from Rawen parts and Pdmccool add-ons, with some repaint and hull registries by me. I started this build before taking build pics, but she's a straight Rawen-type build.

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    I always liked these designs. They seem really solid, and like they would handle well. Nice! :)