U.S.S. Glenn - NCC-677

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    This one’s been rattling around in my head for awhile. This is a TOS version of the Oberth class science vessel as seen in Star Trek III. It is built using parts designed by Rawen and PDMcCool and repainted by me.

    This is the U.S.S. Glenn. Following in the tradition of the U.S.S. Grissom (named for Mercury astronaut Virgil “Gus” Grissom), the ship is named in honor of Mercury astronaut John Glenn. Since I went to John Glenn High School, lived in his hometown and worked for some of his family, it was an easy choice. The 677 number is just a random number that is close to the 638 number of Grissom. This model is built using PDMcCool's frigate saucer, warp pylons, impulse drive and short secondary hull. The warp engines are my shortened versions of Rawen’s cruiser units. I added the custom hull registries to the saucer and engines. I added red striping to the saucer to reflect the TMP-style paint scheme and break up the gray. Since the saucer sits flat on the pylon that now acts as the engineering/impulse deck I had to get rid of the lower dome area. I colored it hull gray and added some black stripes for detail. I also added a recessed shuttle bay to the forward saucer edge just like the studio model. Since Glenn is a lightly-armed science ship I deleted all but the forward topside phaser bank. She has no torpedo launchers.

    She’s not a particularly clean model because I kit based it out of parts I already had built. And, I had to trim and fit the outer pylons by hand, so they don’t fit as well as they could to the hull or engineering deck. She’s really more of a study model to see what a TOS Oberth would look like.

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    this is a cute ship with the fat nacelles i like it
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    Dirty build or not, you still did a GREAT JOB with the design as a whole!
    I like the concept and execution of this model.
    I am looking forward to seeing the final product!!!
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    I agree with Rhaven Black....Outstanding work and imagination!
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    I like it, and the history too! :)
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    I'd love to see your build thread of this kit-bash!