U.P. had a tough week in So. Cal.

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    Feb 14, 2003
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    First they had a major derailment in the City Of Industry. I've heard a rail broke putting 17 cars in the dirt at a busy grade crossing. They evacuated the immediate area for a tank car that derailed and started leaking. Then they discovered that the fluid leaking out of the tank was propylene glycol, used to make antifreeze as well as a food additive, not hazardous. Then after letting people back in the area, they evacuated it again when they thought they hit a gas line with one of the machines cleaning up the mess. Turned out to be another false alarm. It shut down one of the light rail commuter line in So. Cal. for the day. The next day they had a derailment in La Mirada. I haven't heard any details on that one. Then they had a derailment in Santa Fe Springs. That one caused when a 14 year old boy threw a switch. The NTSB is investigating to find out how anyone not connected with the railroad could throw a switch.