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    As just announced (also briefly in English; more to come presumably), there will be two new contests this year over at

    1) The The Joachim Schulze Prize for ships models in 1:250 scale


    2) The 4th Contest for all other models - this year with the motto "Dioramas".

    This year, everything else will not come to a stop during the contest period, since documenting the builds is part of the contests. From 14 of September, two new sections are open for posting build reports. The contests last until 22 april 2007 when all contributions should be in.

    The judging will take place by visitors to the Card model exhibition at Bremerhaven april 2007.

    So, the simple rule is: If you build ships in 1:250, the first contest. Anything else in the second contest - but you will have to put your model into a diorama!

    Personally, I think the diorama condition is a very exiting feature, which will force each participant to develop new skills.

    You can of course take part in both contests - but not with the same model.