Tutorial: Paper-to-Plastic Part 1

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    No, our not a snob. Their are levels of paper modeling that you have just not seen. Also, there are people who are "paper purists" and those who like to see the majority of the model made out of paper. I am both to be honest. I also fall in the "make it free' category. There are some models worth paying for, but there are so many "Free" models available, one could spend a lifetime ust trying to build the "Free' available models.

    Also, as I wrote, I believe in models where not only paper is used. By adding other materials, such as wire, wood, plastic, you get a basic paper model that is augmented by detailing (greebling) and can be bough up to a level you have not seen.

    I have seen paper models of ships with pure gold leaf melted onto details of the hull. Museum quality models, build mostly of paper. You could not get the detailing done here in anything but the way she did it. This is an example of what a true artist can do with paper, enhancing it with elements, and other mediums.

    Check out this link of a friend in Silesia named DORIS, she is one of the best modelers in the world today.

    This cannot be done, with as much sharp detail, in plastic.



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    Perhaps I will try this technique on my next project. great tutorial.