Turbo Intake Tutorial

Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by DrifterXS, Jun 6, 2004.

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  1. DrifterXS

    DrifterXS Guest

    someone delete this post please
  2. Drifta4tec

    Drifta4tec Guest

    i want one please pm where i can get one or u can sell on to me .. thanks
  3. rcdrifter

    rcdrifter Guest

    Wow great idea/tutorial.....
  4. tc3_drifter

    tc3_drifter Guest

    is you have a video/digital camera could you make a video so i we can here what it sounds like please and post it up here
    regards nick
  5. mfzero

    mfzero Guest

  6. tc3_drifter

    tc3_drifter Guest

    wt u mean wtf?
  7. mfzero

    mfzero Guest

    what is this mod?

    Never mind I see it in his link :wink:
  8. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Guest

    If your talking about accuall turbos for Nitro cars... good luck! They have superchargers and Nitrus (sp). And they both are poo. They give you like 1 MPH more and end up runing your engine. Sure, some may make a cool sound... but so does the cash register when your droping another <$100 for a new Engine...

    All these are is cool factor. Its fun to say "Ya, well mine has a SC and NO!" But when you accually use it, its not fun saying "Well, I just went threw 3 engines due to my SC! Beat that!".
  9. Yes Vey ture. you are better off going and buying a Good engine.

    I went out and brought a Novarossi NS12 S5 JP pushed some 20% nitro in it. and i will never look back on all the lower model engine.

    Cheers Deano
  10. Nick S.

    Nick S. Guest

    I was going to delet it.. But im just going to leave it up... i guess.. I dont know.. Closed.
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