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    Aug 28, 2004
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    To all and everyone... I knew that I wanted to build from scratch my own f.e boat one day, so below is a .gif of my tunnel design, a first project that I started some three months ago - till then I only had knowhow in scale electric boats. Anyway - I've gone for a tunnel hull as in principle they're faster than v-hulls and easier to construct (no stepping and few angles), but I was fully aware that most tunnels hae outboards or flexi drives - and I didn't want to go there for technical reasons. But a picture says a 1000 words, etc - so I'll stop rambling (I don't have a scanner or digicam - hence the .gif). Basically the main or central box shaded in red is in actuality 1/2 an inch off the water (or it will be when in it) which allows the water to go under and hopefully will allow me to use a standard or typical in-line surface drive, which will save me alot of trouble for obvious reasons. If the in-line motor, shaft, prop assembly is slightly angled by using a bracket/support (very slight angle), then I should achieve this - but any and all comments, suggestions are welcome. The two full sponsons are exactly 30" long and made from condensed polystyrene which I've pannelled off with thin ABS sheet (the sponsons are from a bodyboard that I got at a sports shop), and the main box (not yet got) will be a simple plastic one with a lid (easy to find) - I'm thinking of a 700 motor, unlimited e.s.c and 16 NiCad 2800mAh (a well known distributor says I can get unlimited esc's anyway...)

Thread Status:
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