TT-01 vs. TL-01 for Drifting. Need Help

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  1. Hey everyone. I was wondering which car to get. I'm on a budget of $100-$200 (including radio, but not battery and charger), and I was interested in a Tamiya brand car. I'm hoping to get a kit rather than a RTR. I'm pretty sure the TT-01 would be better since it has a tub chassis, meaning lower CG. I'm pretty sure that the TT-01 has more upgrades compared to the TL-01, but I'm not sure, and I want to be positive I'm not wasting my money. It would be greatly appreciated if you could tell me which one to get and why, or maybe recommend another car within my budget.

    Also, if I were to get one of these, what else would I need to get ready for drifting other than the tires? Thanks. :)
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    Both cars are very good cars. You are correct, they're plenty of hop ups for the Tl0. I should know, I have a full tilt optioned Tlo1. I love the cars for race and drifting. Just change the tires. This car drifts great out the box, probably because of it's light weight. :wink:

    Go see the my awsome tlo1 thread in the on road section.
    my car looks just like the Tlo1 posted there. :wink:

    I have owned a Tb01, very similar to the TT01, it's the next step up from the tto1. This car drifts great also. I race it in off road rallye. handles great!

    You'll need full bearing set, hi speed gear set. stock 27t motor, electronic speed control and radio set. abs and a sweet body, sil 15, 180, Ae86 etc...

    as you can see I am biased toward the Tl01, but all tamiya's are great cars. My motto is, cheaper the cost. the higher the fun value.

    No matter which you chose, I will assure you, you wil have a blast. :mrgreen:
  3. Wow thanks nagatahawk. That really helped me a lot. I'll probably just get the one I can find cheaper on ebay. :D
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    id get the tlo1 and you have a pm from me
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    Tamiya Turnbuckle Tie-Rod Set for the TT-01.

    Need help on the above mention subject....
    I'm still confuse on how the set is install on the tt-01 chassis...
    It will be great if anyone explain to me before i go get one...Thanks...

    Here's a link to the above mention subject.........[/url][/quote]
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    Re: Tamiya Turnbuckle Tie-Rod Set for the TT-01.


    Your link doesnt work and im confused on your question. What do you mean how the set is install on the tt-01?
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    Sorry about that......what i mean is my tt-01 front arm is a double wish bone joint...but the tie-rod set is a single how is that install?
  8. Izdiamond

    Izdiamond Guest my knowledge of r/c cars SUCKS....Did'nt intend to confuse anyone........
    Right now all i need to know is where does the tie-rod go onto a chassis..?
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    for the steering arms bro
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    Thanks alot bro....appreciate the info.....
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    no prob man, anthing to help a fellow drifter