TT-01 vs. TB02 or EVO3, and setup to beginner

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by tarantito, Jun 9, 2005.

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    I have a question. I have TT01 (not ball dif), TB02, TB EVO3 (have ball dif, and one way). I've Yokomo ZR-DR01, ZR-R03D, and PVC tires, i've Tamiya SuperStock S 23T, and HPI Challange 17T.

    Wich is better car, motor, tire for drift? I never dont use one way for drift, it is better as balldif or other?

    Please tell me good standard setup for drift (chabers, springs, etc....)


    P.I.: sorry my english is not too good.
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    The best is the one you choose. You just have to go and try all the differnent combos you know of, and see what set up you like best. I personally dont like ball diffs while drifting. I like to superflue my diffs so they lock up, and spin both tires at once. Also, i like ABS tyres over PVC. One ways, IMO, are horrid for drifting. It just totally throws the car out of whak for me. You however, my like the one way. As for motor, i would go with the 23T with low gearing, with a 17T you may get out of whack having not drove the car with that set up in that way before, and may end up in a wall.