TT-01 or TL-01 or New Trinity T-spec

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  1. I know what you guys are going to say i just wanna here what you moer knowledgeable people who have been drifting for a while . I can get the TT-01 for 120 something that is with tax. I can get the TL-01 from 89 to 139 dollars. and the new T-SPEC from$124.99 to 159.99 with out tax. that is for fully adjustable supension,ball bearings,ball differentials,and battery, spec motor and t-spec body and lots more.

    I know I know dont be stupid get the Trinity.

    RIGHT ??????????????????
  2. What is up you guys are veiwing my post but no freakin replys what is up with that come on man you do have to be a long time drifter just have to know what your talking about
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    i think you should go with the trinity. the tamiyas are good and i own one myself but i think you should go witht the trinity cus it already comes with hopups that you can use to fine tune your rc for better drift contro. and with the tamiyas...some LHS dont have much of their hopup parts in stock.

    i hope i helpes just even a little bit
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    geez man... calm down. If people dont reply, dont freak out. It may be how you posted cause to me it sounds like you dont really want to hear what others are saying...

    Trinity all the way due to its tuneability.
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    hey man dont get the Trinity. Trinity cars really suck. I have a reflex NT tEanm Only. It came shipped from tower missing all of the suspension arms and other random parts. i know two other people that bought that car and they also were missing random parts. Trinity sucks. I mean they are so chep that instead of redisigning a team only box they just spray painted team only on the front with a stencil. Also it is a direct copy of the Kyosho VOne RR. 99% of the parts are interchangeable....thats lame. also the G4 is just like the HPI R40. All of their cars are just direct copies of other companies cars with a few aluminum hop ups. (except the T Spec) Also when is the last time you found two different anodized aluminum parts from trinity that were the same color???? NEVER. Not even if they are in the same package.
    The only thing worth a crap that leaves the doors of Trinity are things they distribute from other companies (sirio novarossi etc.) The only thing worth a crap with the name trinity on the product is their electric motors and if you thought they manufactured those you were dead wrong. i doubt they even bother to put the stickers on the motor cans

    just my 2 cents.
    Im just warning you if you get that car you will be luck for it to have support after 6 months, unless they sell a whole lot of em
  6. AE86 I want the electric one besides the missing parts will not happen because RC Car Actions did not come with out parts this is the new one that I want . It is also a shaft driven 4WD and RC Car Action really liked it in their new for the summer 5 car shoot out . They also say it is meant for racing I am used to adjustable suspension I would be hard for me to like any other car because I could not fine tune. But that will not happen I am buying mine from hobby town usa they check in side the box and reshrink wrap it like new. the one i am getting comes fully assembled.
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    they got theirs at hobby town USA
    besides that i know i was talking about nitro cars but when i said they copy other cars i meant electric ones too.

    anyways car actions reflex nt came with all the parts but that dont mean everything.
    you ever think that they get paid to say they like certain cars. That magazine has more ads than articles. Read Xtreme or RC DRiver. they will tell the truth. Besides RC Driver was founded by people who left RC car action. I wonder why they left??

    but yeah the trinity car looks cool and if it wasnt for my bad experiences with Trinity chances are i would already have one. If you get one good luck.
    But dont worry about every inch of adjustability. Dont overwhelm yourself especially if you are just getting into racing. Also the T Spec is designed for its own class to make all cars equal. Rely on your driving skills. Unless you can drive well all of that adjustability means nothing>

    I mean i have my TL-o1 and when i go out to race i am beating TC3's , X-Rays, Yokomos, etc. It is all about the driver!
  8. The reason i want adjustability is so i can have perfect drift camber and toe in and change it for racing. I am still going to get a TT-01 or TL-01. for a stright drifter.
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    YAYUH! tl-01's dope :D's pretty good too
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    i understand and for the price id get the trinity. it is just that i personally hate them!!
    but also tamiya has tons of options to make the TL-01 almost as adjustable

    the adj. upper arm set is only like 8 bucks and with that you can set camber and for 40 bucks you can get the Long Arm suspension set that comes with all arms and makes the car really adj.

    If I were you and on a budget id get the T Spec. My TL-01 is only bad ass cause i spent like 800 dollars on the car
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    Or just get the Racer TC3 kit. $130 for the car, $30 for rims, $2 for PVC, $20 for motor, $50 for 2 decnet packs... your RTD...