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    Mar 31, 2002
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    I recently purchased a Trix Big Boy from a hobby shop that I deal with from out of town. It is a sight to behold.... VERY BEAUTIFUL work Marklin did on this engine however the screw that keeps the tender cover on has a tendancy to strip.
    Also, I noticed that thier are a few screws on the engine as well.
    As far as installind DCC in the engine well. I would say that tying your shoes is just as easy!
    I used a westside timber shay (soundtraxx) deocder for sound and a digitrax N scale decoder in the cab for power. Very simple installation and it took me all of 1 hr to do. (that incl. lookin' after my son at the same time!)
    I didn't care much for how the boiler sits ontop of the wheel assembly for the simple fact that when it turns to the right the hoses above the front set of wheel rods have a tendancy to dislocate a plastic cover off the push rod connection.
    I'm sure this can be modified inorder to correct the problem.
    OVerall however. I find it to run extremely smooth and suprisingly very quiet for such a big engine. At a 128 ss Dcc setting, it starts rolling at 4 step. (no frieght)
    Once again, A very nice engine.