traincars at Zellers

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    Nov 6, 2005
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    W ent to town today for my supply of narcotics and after the doctor I went to Zellers to ckeck out the toys and they had a slew of freight cars, boxcars & hoppers mostly. Had fair detail, the ladders and stuff were moulded on natch but the lettering was pretty good looking, they had little horn hook couplers, the box said "free rolling wheels" made in China (natch, we can thank uncle John for that) The brand name was Rough & Ready .I don't know what scale they were , they were 11 cm long and cost 98 cents. oh yeah die cast sitting on a chunk of track a bit longer than the car .I should have bought one justto get the details instead of trusting my damaged brain Also there was a lot of pratty good looking die cast cars & trucks but I think they looked a tad large for HO check it out hope it helps somebody , lemmy know